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  • ICE Acting Director: Don’t Blame ICE and Border Patrol For Inaction of Congress

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    Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement Acting Director Mark Morgan scolded Congress Wednesday saying lawmakers have failed the American people on border security by refusing to change immigration laws that would curtail the massive flow of illegal immigrants into the United States.

    Morgan, who was President Donald Trump’s pick to take the helm at the agency, said ICE officers and Border Patrol agents should not be blamed for the inaction of Congress. He stressed that the situation will get worse if lawmakers fail to take the bold steps necessary to stop the flow of migrants and protect U.S. security.

    “Congress has absolutely failed in this area,” said Morgan, who was speaking at a roundtable discussion with other top ICE officials.

    “It’s unsustainable and nobody should want this,” added Morgan, who warned lawmakers to approve the $4.5 billion before the House. He said it would allow ICE the capacity to house more families and children. It would also provide for increased detention beds for single adults, which is at capacity at the present time.

    Morgan also criticized South Bend, Indiana mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for his comments regarding ICE and Border Patrol.

    “I would love to sit down with this mayor and have him explain to me which part of that is illegal or inhumane,” Morgan said, adding that agents are only carrying out their orders.

    “He is vilifying the wrong entity,” Morgan added. “If (Buttigieg) doesn’t like the laws, go to Congress, change the laws, we’ll enforce those laws.”

    “The dedicated men and women of border patrol, all of CPB, HHS, ICE — they’re working every day, sacrificing so much to safeguard, protect this country, and when you hear stuff like that, it demoralizes them,” Morgan continued.

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