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  • Californian Courts Take Aim At Federal Asylum Reform Bill Lauded By POTUS

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    From the very onset of President Trump’s political career, America’s immigration system has been front and center.  Trump promised his voters a clear and concise vision for reforming the outdated process, as well as a “big, beautiful wall”.

    His pursuits have, so far, been only somewhat fruitful thanks to the never-ending work of the “resistance”, despite the fact that many of Trump’s beliefs on the border crisis are in direct agreement with those of former President Barack Obama and other democrats.

    Now, one of President Trump’s latest attempts to bring meaningful change to the system is being blocked, federally, by a state judge in California.

    A California judge insists he has the authority to freeze a national asylum reform, despite an August decision by the pro-migration Ninth Court of Appeals which narrowed the judge’s reach to just California and Arizona.

    The block prevents President Donald Trump’s deputies from telling migrants they have to ask for asylum in the safe countries they travel through before they can apply for asylum in the United States. Trump’s first-safe-country policy matches international rules, but it is strongly opposed by elitist pro-migration groups, including the ACLU which has sued to block the reform because it would prevent most of the economic migrants from moving into blue-collar Americans’ jobs, neighborhoods, and schools.

    The President won’t be going down without a fight, however.

    Administration officials expect to appeal the judge’s national rule quickly, and then appeal the likely rejection by the pro-migration judges in the Ninth Circuit. Administration officials expect most of their policies to be blocked by Democratic-nominated judges and have adopted a policy of quickly pushing legal fights up to the Supreme Court.

    “This is … ahem … unfortunate,” said a tweet from Ken Cuccinelli, the acting director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. “And if you read the opinion you will notice an extraordinary concern for the [pro-migration] organizations – who are not the people affected (except that it’s their bu$ine$$ to work the issue).”

    The decision was similarly chastised just days ago by Attorney General Bill Barr, who called the move “legally and historically dubious”.

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