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  • Hasbro Debuts ‘Ms. Monopoly’ ‘Where Women Make More Than Men’

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    Women’s equality is the name of the game for Hasbro’s newest rollout of ‘Ms. Monopoly’ and the American company hopes it will promote “female trailblazers,” while squashing the wage inequality.

    Before launching the game, Hasbro surprised young female entrepreneurs with $20,580 in “REAL money to fuel their inventive spirit and further their projects,” according to a company press release. The game also grants the same amount of money to players at the start of each game to ensure that “women make more than men.”

    “Through the introduction of Ms. Monopoly and the money these young women have received to invest in their future projects, we want to recognize and celebrate the many contributions women have made to our society and continue to make on a daily basis,” said Jen Boswinkel, Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy and Marketing, Hasbro.

    The “Ms. Monopoly” announcement, however, doesn’t come as a surprise. Last month, the game brand announced “Monopoly for Millennials” and “Monopoly Socialism.” This new game will hit store shelves in mid-September.

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