• Barr: Judges Must Stop Nationwide Injunctions

    William Barr hasn’t pulled many punches as attorney general. He bluntly told Congress the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign. And he confirmed special counsel Robert Mueller’s conclusions that there was no Trump collusion with Russia.

    Now he’s taken on a new fight: that of lone judges sitting on district court benches who want to control the national policy set by the president and his administration.

    It’s already happened dozens of times to President Trump, delaying his efforts to restrict terrorists’ access to the U.S., deport illegal aliens and more.

    The Washington Examiner reports Barr wrote a commentary in the Wall Street Journal that takes his arguments to the people.

  • Climate Alarmism Floods Hurricane Dorian Coverage

    Many scientists who advocate the theory that mankind is causing catastrophic global warming have warned against attributing any single weather event to climate change.

    Nevertheless, CNN, CNBC, the New York Times and other major news outlets have thrown caution to the wind in their coverage of Hurricane Dorian, claiming, for example, the storm’s stall is a “signal of climate change,” reports the Media Research Center’s Newsbuster’s blog.

    Dorian received many mentions at CNN’s Sept. 4, climate forum with Democratic presidential candidates. Sen. Bernie Sanders called Dorian “what climate change looks like.”

    The Guardian of London published an op-ed from climate scientists Michael Mann — the creator of the debunked “hockey stick” graph — and Andrew Dessler saying “global heating made Hurricane Dorian bigger, wetter — and more deadly.”

    They also warned climate change would turn more places into “nightmarish hellscapes.”

    Significantly, however, they admitted “the science has yet to come in” on whether or not climate change had any affect on Dorian.