• Odd Allies Are Coming Together to Defend Free Speech

    It’s amazing to see who comes to the defense of freedom when you least expect it.

    In July, 12 leading philosophy scholars from around the world signed on to a statement supporting freedom of thought and speech in academia, specifically as those freedoms are being undercut by gender identity ideology.

    These scholars warned of a dangerous movement within academia to sanction and silence people who express support for a biologically based understanding of gender and sexuality. All 12 philosophers denounced this trend and called for a restoration of academic freedom.

    That the statement exists is remarkable in itself, given the backlash academics are prone to face when they so much as question the current orthodoxy of gender identity ideology.… Read More...

  • Why the ‘Free the Nipple’ Win in Court Is a Loss for Women

    Why the ‘Free the Nipple’ Win in Court Is a Loss for Women

    A federal appeals court thinks there’s no difference between a man’s bare chest and a woman’s naked chest—and, despite what some feminists are saying, that’s bad news for women.

    Ignoring the real biological differences between men and women strips women of our rights to physical privacy. And even as more and more women are speaking out about their experiences of sexual harassment, the ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit—that’s likely to be appealed to the Supreme Court—tells them that those experiences are not legitimate.

    As part of the #MeToo movement, women have shared wrenching personal stories of sexual harassment, ranging from unwelcome comments and touches to the extreme of rape.… Read More...