• NY State Prosecutors Subpoena Trump’s Accounting Firm

    New York Times just reported that prosecutors from Manhattan district attorney’s office have subpoenaed President Trump’s accounting firm demanding eight years of his personal and corporate tax returns.

    The subpoena, according to New York Times opens a new front in a wide-ranging effort to obtain copies of the president’s tax returns, which Mr. Trump initially said he would make public during the 2016 campaign but has since refused to disclose.

    The subpoena was issued by the Manhattan district attorney’s office late last month, soon after it opened a criminal investigation into the role that the president and his family business played in hush-money payments made in the run-up to the election.

  • Mitch McConnell: Democrats’ Pattern Is ‘Shoot First, Correct The Facts Later’

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell , (R-KY), described the democrats attempt to remove Justice Kavanaugh as a familiar “pattern” involving New York Times allegations: “Shoot first, correct the facts later.”

    Full Text of Mitch McConnell speech:

    “For anybody who’s been reading the news the past few days, it’s probably felt a little like Groundhog Day. Because, over the last couple of days, leading Democrats have tried to grab onto yet another poorly-sourced, thinly-reported, unsubstantiated allegation against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. There they go again. Call it a one-year anniversary re-enactment. Senate Democrats re-opening the sad and embarrassing chapter they wrote last September.

  • Lindsey Graham: My Goal is to Declassify FISA Warrant Applications

    “My goal is to explain to you and the American public how the system failed and make sure it never happens again,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham on ‘Hannity’ show on Wednesday night.

    “We’re going to pursue this in a transparent fashion,” Graham said. “We’re going to declassify as much as we can, including the FISA warrant applications.”

    Graham said he will seek to release to the public as much information possible about former British spy Christopher Steele.

    “I’m going to give you all the information that was in the system about how suspicious people were of Christopher Steele, how biased he was, [and] let you read it for yourself.