• Netanyahu Threatens To Start Another War On Gaza

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened another war in the besieged Gaza Strip just says before snap elections are to be held in the occupied territories.

    “We will probably be forced — there’ll be no choice — to enter into a campaign, a war, in Gaza,” Netanyahu said during an interview with Israel’s Kan public radio

    His comments were made two days after he was ridiculed when sirens warning of rocket fire from the enclave forced him off the stage at a campaign rally in southern Israel.

    Another conflict with Gaza “could happen at any moment, including four days before the elections,” Netanyahu said on Friday, adding that the date of the elections did not factor into a decision to go to war.

  • Netanyahu Claims Iran Had ‘Secret’ Nuclear Weapons Facility

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has unveiled what he claims was a previously undisclosed Iranian nuclear weapons facility.

    To back up his claim he showed a satellite image of what he said was a site south of Isfahan where Iran conducted experiments to develop nuclear weapons. He further accused Tehran of hiding the evidence by destroying the site back in July after it was discovered by Israeli agents.

    Political opponents have however decried Netanyau’s announcement, eight days ahead of Israels Spetemeber 17th election, as election propaganda

    RT reports: In a brief press conference on Monday, Netanyahu claimed that Israel has discovered a secret Iranian “nuclear weapons development site” at Abadeh, south of the city of Isfahan.

  • US Government Planning To Launch Antitrust Probe Into Google

    The U.S. government appears to be warming up its antitrust enforcement machine and pointing it at the big tech giants

    The House Judiciary Committee announced a sweeping antitrust probe of big technology companies on Monday

    Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple shares dropped significantly earlier in the day after reports suggested that federal authorities were preparing for investigations into anti-competitive behavior by several of these technology giants.

    Several sources including the Wall Street Journal reported that the DOJ was considering launching an antitrust investigation into Google.

    RT reports: The agency (DOJ) had reportedly decided to gear up against the Silicon Valley-based company after receiving several complaints, referred to it by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

  • School Forced To Remove Cellphone Tower After Children Develop Cancer

    A cell phone tower that was installed on the campus of an elementary school in California has been shut down after parents said it was
    responsible for several recent cases of childhood cancer.

    Sprint was forced to shut down the deadly cellphone tower after
    parents said it was exposing their children to harmful radiation.

    Three teachers at the school and at least four pupils developed cancer

    TruthTheory.com reports:Monica Ferrulli, the mother of one of the children diagnosed with cancer, says that her son’s doctors have indicated that this specific type of cancer is caused by something the patient was exposed to in their environment.

  • Netanyahu Warns Iran Will Suffer Dire Consequences If It Threatens Israel

    Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Iran that it will suffer dire consequences if it threatens Israel, as he personally ordered illustrative air raids in Syria.

    The airstrikes were a reminder to voters in the looming snap elections of his firm stance over the occupied Golan Heights.

    RT reports: In a rare public acknowledgement of Israeli cross-border operations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasted on Sunday of personally ordering airstrikes against Syrian military positions. As a demonstration of Tel Aviv’s readiness to respond with “great force to any aggression,” the IAF pounded Syrian Army artillery batteries, observation posts, and air defense units, killing three soldiers and wounding seven others – in retaliation for two rockets allegedly launched from the Syrian side.

  • UN Expert: Julian Assange Has Been Subjected To Psychological Torture

    The UN special rapporteur on torture has claimed that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been subjected to psychological torture.

    Nils Melzer spoke to a number of media outlets this week including RT, warning that Assange was showing clear signs of degrading and inhumane treatment which was adding to his already deteriorating health.

    The UN expert said he assessed Assange’s condition from two decades of experience in working with POWs and political prisoners and that the journalist’s case still shocked him.

    He accused “a group of democratic States” of “ganging up” on Assange to “isolate, demonize and abuse” him.

  • US Is Demanding Five Years’ Worth Of Social Media History From All Visa Applicants

    The US State Department now requires anyone who wants to enter America to submit five years’ worth of their social media history.

    They are also threatening “serious immigration consequences” for anyone who attempts to conceal their accounts.

    The move could affect nearly 15 million visa applicants.

    RT reports: Both temporary visitors and those seeking permanent residence are required to fill out the new forms, which include drop-down menus that currently list only the “major” social media platforms. Applicants also have the option of stating they do not use social media, but a State Department official told The Hill that lying about such use would have “serious immigration consequences.

  • Two Major Studies Link Heavily Processed Food To Early Death

    Two major studies have added to the body of evidence against foods made with industrial ingredients

    According to the studies from separate teams in France and Spain, eating large amounts of heavily-processed foods, from breakfast cereals, ready meals and ice cream, lead to a greater risk of , cancer, heart attack, stroke and early death.

    The Guardian reports: In the French NutriSanté study, researchers at the University of Paris gathered details on the diets and health of more than 105,000 people. Over five years of follow-up, those who consumed the most “ultra-processed” food were most at risk of stroke, heart attack, and other cardiovascular problems.

  • This Year’s Secretive Bilderberg Meeting To Address Russia, Cyber Threats & Brexit

    Over 100 of the worlds elite, including Henry Kissinger, Mark Carney and Jared Kushner, will be attending the ultra secretive Bilderberg summit this week.

    From Thursday to Sunday 130 Bankers, CEO’s and Prime ministers from 23 countries will meet under strict secrecy rules. The precise location of their venue in the Swiss town of Montreux has not been revealed.

    On the agenda for discussion this year will be topics like Russia, China. Brexit, global warming, the future of capitalism and the future of Artificial Intelligence.

    RT reports: Founded in 1954, the notorious meeting is ostensibly aimed at improving relations between the US and Europe, though the event has long been shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories as attendees are forbidden from disclosing what was discussed.

  • John Cleese Sparks Twitter Storm: ‘London Isn’t An English City Anymore’

    John Cleese caused a stir on Twitter this morning, after he tweeted about London not being an “English city anymore”.

    The Fawlty Towers and Monty Python star commented: “Some years ago I opined that London was not really an English city any more….Since then, virtually all my friends from abroad have confirmed my observation”

    He also went on to note that London “was the UK city that voted most strongly to remain in the EU.”

    Cleese is a frevent supporter of Brexit.

  • Russia & China Boycott US Led Conference To End Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    China and Russia will not participate in a US-led conference to promote what they call the ‘Deal of the Century’ to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Russia’s Foreign Minister has warned that the so-called peace plan is doomed to fail, will “ruin everything” gained from previous efforts and will fail to guarantee a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders.

    The conference is set to take place in Bahrain next month where Trump administration officials are expected to unveil economic aspects of the plan

    Beijing and Moscow notified the Palestinians several days ago that they would be boycotting the conference. Palestinians will not be participating in the conference either Palestine’s Minister of Social Development Ahhmed Majdalani said.

  • North Korea Calls John Bolton A ‘War Fanatic’ Who Is Working To Destroy Peace

    US National Security Advisor John Bolton is a “war fanatic” and a “defective human product” according to North Korea’s Foreign Ministry

    A report by the country’s state media cited a ministry representative who also said that Bolton was working to destroy peace and security rather than maintaining it.

    RT reports: The tough assessment, cited by state news agency KCNA, comes after Donald Trump’s adviser lambasted Pyongyang for recently carrying out short-range missile tests. Bolton described the drills as “no doubt” violating UN resolutions.

    Hitting back, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry argued that scrapping missile tests completely would hamper the country’s national security.

  • Trump Slams ‘Crazy Nancy’ Pelosi & FBI Traitors

    President Donald Trump fired back at ‘Crazy Nancy’ after she alleged that he had thrown a temper tantrum at an earlier policy meeting.

    Trump called an unexpected press conference last week to blast House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had accused him of masterminding a “coverup.”
    He then canceled an infrastructure meeting with Democratic congressional leaders, saying he wouldn’t work with them while they kept him under investigation

    RT reports: In a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Trump defended his sanity and fitness for office, after it was questioned by Pelosi in the wake of a bipartisan meeting on infrastructure spending on Wednesday.

  • Trump & Kim Jon-Un Agree That Biden Has ‘Low IQ’

    Donald Trump has tweeted his agreement with Kim Jong-un’s assessment regarding Joe Biden’s intelligence

    The North Korean leader called “Swampman Joe Bidan (sic) a low IQ individual, & worse”.

    A Joe Biden aide described Trump’s tweet as “unhinged and erratic”, and pointed out an apparent spelling error in the original message.

    In the same tweet the US President also brushed aside concerns over Pyongyang’s short-range missile tests.

    RT reports: Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to rekindle his somewhat stale bromance with Kim, hanging in the balance after their summit in Vietnam in February faltered and was further threatened by the recent seizure of a North Korean cargo ship by the US.

  • Witnesses To The Car Crash Say Princess Diana’s Death Was NO Accident

    An American couple who witnessed the car crash which killed Princess Diana say her death was ‘no accident.’

    Robin and Jack Firestone claim they continue to live in fear for their lives years after reporting seeing two mysterious dark cars at the scene of the crash.

    The Firestone’s are living in a gated complex because they say they are terrified that there may be reprisals.

    Jack said “I think the crash was a royal thing and other forces were involved,” adding that “Something bad could still happen to us. There are enough nuts out there who may try to silence us.”

    The Mail Online reports: Princess Diana 36, her lover Dodi Fayed, 42, and their driver Henri Paul, 41, all died in the Pont de’ l’Alma tunnel, Paris, on August 31, 1997.