• A Government Environmentalist Experiment in Brainwashing Parents Through Children in North Carolina

    #C02Kult.  That’s the hashtag for it in Germany, where they know a bit about mass hysteria and brainwashing. It shows up every time students are manipulated into another school strike for the “environment”.

    The Joan of Arc of C02Kult is Greta Thunberg, the daughter of two Swedish celebrities, and a 15-year-old suffering from Aspergers, who became a popular lefty figure for leading environmental school strikes.

    “I overthink. Some people can just let things go, but I can’t, especially if there’s something that worries me or makes me sad,” Greta said. “I remember when I was younger, and in school, our teachers showed us films of plastic in the ocean, starving polar bears and so on.

  • Bernie Sanders Defends His Attendance At Rally Calling for Death Of Americans

    The New York Times contacted Senator Bernie Sanders to discuss his anti-American politics, his participation in a Marxist terrorist rally calling for the death of Americans, and solidarity with Russia and other enemy regimes.

    It did not go well.

    It went so badly that the New York Times put up a transcript of the socialist politician’s rambling, furious and defensive answers.

    “As a mayor, I did my best to stop American foreign policy, which for years was overthrowing governments in Latin America and installing puppet regimes,” Sanders ranted.

    Senator Sanders falsely claimed that his collusion with enemy regimes was an attempt to prevent wars.

  • Google’s Hillary Ally Warns Against Breaking Up Google

    Google’s former chairman, Eric Schmidt, once dismissed the idea of privacy. “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

    The same goes for Google.

    Now that talk of breaking up the illegal dot com monopoly is going mainstream, the Hillary ally isn’t happy.

    The former chairman and chief executive of Google said that calls for breaking up the tech giant have “no basis in law” and would harm consumers by pushing up prices and decreasing transparency.

    Antitrust is a pretty respected basis in law.

    How, exactly does, Schmidt think it’s legal for one company to control the search engine market, effectively the front door to the internet, without any repercussions?

  • How Cory Booker’s $5 Million Grifting Ended His Presidential Bid 6 Years Ago

    In 2010, Mayor Cory Booker and Mark Zuckerberg were sitting across from Oprah while the Facebook boss announced a $100 million donation to Newark’s failing public schools. When the two men next met up, in a prominent forum, Senator Booker was questioning Zuckerberg about Facebook’s role in racism. The $100 million had long since vanished. So had the friendship between Zuckerberg and Booker.

    And the money is drying up too.

    Beto O’Rourke was able to raise $6.1 million within 24 hours of his campaign launch while Booker struggled to make $5 in his first fundraising quarter. Once upon a time, Booker owned Silicon Valley.

  • A Pro-Wife Beating Kentucky Imam’s Murder Fatwa: “Observe How Peaceful We Are”

    “Observe how peaceful we are,” Imam Mahmoud Shalash urged. “We do not cause any harm to anybody.”

    Shalash’s mosque, the Islamic Center of Lexington, had contacted Lexington cops and Homeland Security while claiming to be suffering from Islamophobic threats.

    Before long, two cop cars in the Kentucky city known as the Horse Capital of the World were parked outside the mosque to protect the imam and his congregation.

    The FBI also got on board.

    CAIR widely circulated reports of the threat to what it called, a “house of worship”.

    “Our nation’s leaders must send a clear message challenging the rising Islamophobia that leads to such threats,” CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper declared.

  • Democrat 2020 Chances Are Being Killed By The Impeachment Con

    The Democrats have become a cult of anti-personality.

    The ‘anti’ phenomenon is not unique. Past Democrat generations had built their identity around hating Goldwater, Nixon, and Reagan. But the internet monetized the cult of anti-personality in a big way.

    And Democrats are paying the price.

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Dem House leadership have tried everything possible to stop the talk of impeachment. But nothing that she and her deputies can do has made a dent in the madness.

    In a sign of pure desperation, Pelosi has begun insisting that impeachment is a Trump conspiracy.“Trump is goading us to impeach him,” she actually claimed.

  • Latin America Is Collapsing & Taking America With It

    Long before the current scenes of thousands of migrants showing up in New Mexico or Arizona, the northward migration was fueled by a combination of Latin American instability and American greed for cheap labor going back over a century to the Mexican Revolution.

    Venezuela’s spectacular collapse may be dominating the news cycle now, but a Latin American country usually implodes in a spectacular fashion every few years. Even now, there is political chaos in Nicaragua, with major protests demanding the ouster of Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega, and brewing scandals in Argentina, Brazil and Peru that could expand and tear any or all of the three countries apart.

  • Brainwashing Of The US: It's Taking Place Every Day On A Massive Scale

    Brainwashing Of The US: It’s Taking Place Every Day On A Massive Scale

    Brainwashing isn’t a secretive event that takes place in hidden rooms. No hypnotists or vials full of chemicals are required. It takes place every day on a massive scale across the United States.

    Unlike Raymond Shaw in The Manchurian Candidate, brainwashing does not turn people into hypnotized zombies who would be ready to kill a presidential candidate at a command. Instead, it transforms them into the sort of people who would be willing to kill someone for political reasons.

    The distinction is why so few people understand the sources of political radicalism and violence.

    Brainwashing isn’t magic, but it can look like magic.

  • President Trump Should Expose Democrats' Hypocrisy & Ask Them To Declare War On Russia

    President Trump Should Expose Democrats’ Hypocrisy & Ask Them To Declare War On Russia

    The Mueller Report has come and gone leaving behind neither collusion nor obstruction. But in the time that has passed, the Democrats have shown that they won’t give up their pet conspiracy theory.

    The post-Mueller efforts of House Democrats to interest the public in scandals about White House security clearances and Trump’s tax returns failed miserably because they lacked the drama, the unfolding layers of conspiracies, and the delegitimization of the 2016 election that Russiagate offers.

    After Attorney General Barr’s summary of the Mueller Report, the Democrat media held out hope that the full report would prove collusion. When it failed to do that, House Democrats have promised to hold as many hearings as it takes until even CNN stops inviting Rep.

  • The 8-Year Media Lie About The Start Of The Syrian War Finally Exposed

    The 8-Year Media Lie About The Start Of The Syrian War Finally Exposed

    The end of the big lie about the origins of the Syrian Civil War began on the Arizona border.

    Claas Relotius, a German reporter for Der Spiegel, had written a piece about being embedded with a militia patrolling the Arizona border for illegal migrants. Gullible German leftist readers were regaled with tales of the militia, whose leader called Mexicans “bean eaters” and, at the end of the article, opened fire into the night. It was one of a series of Relotiusarticles delving into Trump country with novelistic accounts of pro-Trump Americans that confirmed all the stereotypes of Der Spiegel’s readers.

    But the residents depicted in the Minnesota town in which ‘Where They Pray for Trump on Sundays’ is set quickly pointed out that much of the article was factually wrong and that Relotius had never even bothered talking to the people he claimed to have been writing about. 

  • New York Times Falsely Claims No One Believes Muslim Brotherhood Is A Terror Group

    New York Times Falsely Claims No One Believes Muslim Brotherhood Is A Terror Group

    David Kirkpatrick at the New York Times is without a doubt the most deeply dishonest journalist working the Islamic beat today. Kirkpatrick ‘s favorite thing in life seems to be the Muslim Brotherhood. So when there was talk that the Trump administration might designate the Brotherhood a terrorist group, the Times decided to have Kirkpatrick write up an explainer defending the Brotherhood.

    And this may be the most bizarre line in that deeply dishonest explainer.

    Is the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood terrorist?

    No. Even experts critical of the Brotherhood agree that the organization does not meet the criteria for a terrorist group.

  • 2020 Democrats Condemn "Gun Violence" Instead Of Anti-Semitism After Synagogue Attack

    2020 Democrats Condemn “Gun Violence” Instead Of Anti-Semitism After Synagogue Attack

    A gun did not walk on its own into a California synagogue and begin shooting the Jews praying there. But some 2020 Democrat candidates seemed obsessed with highlighting gun violence, while not discussing the anti-Semitism that is at the root of anti-Semitic violence.

    Guns don’t kill Jews. Anti-Semites do.

    Would the attack have been any less horrifying if one Jewish woman had been murdered with a knife instead of a gun?

    In between thanking his donors, Joe Biden tweeted out a condemnation of gun violence, with no mention of anti-Semitism.

    “Jill and I are devastated to hear about today’s shooting at the Chabad Poway synagogue.

  • These 6 Democrat Senators Sold Out Jewish Terror Victims To Restore Cash To Islamic Jihadis

    These 6 Democrat Senators Sold Out Jewish Terror Victims To Restore Cash To Islamic Jihadis

    In 2002, Shmuel Waldman, an American from New Jersey, was shot while boarding a bus in Israel. The terrorist attack killed 2 people and left 40 injured. Among that 40 was Shmuel whose leg was blown apart, forcing him to undergo multiple surgical procedures, and leaving him suffering from PTSD.

    The terrorist who shot him was Said Ramadan, a “police officer” working for the terrorists who run the Palestinian Authority. The attack had been planned by senior Palestinian Authority officials and the Palestinian Authority viewed Ramadan as a hero. Waldman joined other victims of terrorism in a lawsuit against the terrorist group, which is funded by American taxpayers, under the Antiterrorism Act.

  • Nancy Pelosi Attempts Explanation of How Russians Got Trump Elected - Fails Miserably

    Nancy Pelosi Attempts Explanation of How Russians Got Trump Elected – Fails Miserably

    The Democrat leadership is old and confused.

    Bernie Sanders has three talking points he returns to like a dog to its vomit. Joe Biden can hardly stop groping women long enough to finish a sentence. Chuck Schumer was last heard from in March. And Nancy Pelosi doesn’t understand much. But she tries. Bless her heart.

    In this excerpt of a Recode interview, Speaker Pelosi tries to explain how the Russians stole the election. Or her brain.

    Pelosi: No, for sure I thought Hillary would win. Yeah.

    Recode leftist hack: Yes, and one of the things that happened was the intervention of foreign influence on the social media platforms.

  • NPR's Coverage Of ISIS Caliphate: "If You Became Muslim & Cover Like Us... You Would Not Be Killed"

    NPR’s Coverage Of ISIS Caliphate: “If You Became Muslim & Cover Like Us… You Would Not Be Killed”

    Has Islam’s appeal to women ever been conveyed in fewer words?

    That’s a moment from NPR’s extensive coverage of ISIS families after the fall of the Caliphate. The piece can take some deserved hits for making monsters sympathetic. But the bad guys have families. Their wives and children admire them. It can be a mistake to forget that. And this trip to ISISland is like a look at Germany or Japan right after the war. Or like a visit to the Red Square with old women kissing Stalin’s portrait.

    “This is injustice — we pray for the caliphate to return,” says one of the women, who says this is the third day they have been turned away from promised cartons of food.