• Californian Courts Take Aim At Federal Asylum Reform Bill Lauded By POTUS

    From the very onset of President Trump’s political career, America’s immigration system has been front and center.  Trump promised his voters a clear and concise vision for reforming the outdated process, as well as a “big, beautiful wall”.

    His pursuits have, so far, been only somewhat fruitful thanks to the never-ending work of the “resistance”, despite the fact that many of Trump’s beliefs on the border crisis are in direct agreement with those of former President Barack Obama and other democrats.

    Now, one of President Trump’s latest attempts to bring meaningful change to the system is being blocked, federally, by a state judge in California.

  • SAD! Conservative Students Censor Themselves To Avoid Grading Discrimination

    In this free, liberty-laden nation of ours, there is a very distinct reality that must be maintained and promoted:

    The diversity of opinion is our greatest strength.

    Many of our so-called leaders forget this.  They believe that their opinion is what matters.  This is the very impetus of the Team A versus Team B mentality.  It’s what divides us into “conservatives” and “liberals”, when we should just be “Americans”.

    Make no mistake about it; this is discrimination, plain and simple, and should be treated as such.

    Unfortunately, the utter hatred for conservatives in America has now infected campus life, with an overwhelming majority of college conservatives admitting that they hide their true beliefs out of fear of being chastised by their professors.

  • Dems, Failing On RussiaGate, Ready Fresh Investigation Into Old Stormy Daniels Story

    Make no mistake about it; the democrats are out to “get” President Trump.

    This is political bickering anymore.  This isn’t partisan hackery.  This is pure and unequivocal hatred for a man elected into office, simply for the reason that he is who he is.

    To drive this point home, congressional democrats have been inexhaustible in their efforts to demean and delegitimize President Trump, using any and all ammunition available.  Now, as their Mueller-led investigation into the supposed “RussiaGate” conspiracy theory has failed to produce a satisfactory result, the left is turning backward a few pages.

    House Democrats plan to make former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s payments to two women alleging affairs with President Trump a “major investigative focus” this fall, according to a new report.