• US Attorney Recommends CHARGES Against Deep State McCabe

    US Attorney Jessie Liu has recommended charging former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

    The charges against McCabe are related to the false statements he gave concerning the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton.

    McCabe was hired by CNN in August as a top contributor, despite the prospect of looming charges against him.

    Foxnews.com reports: McCabe — the former deputy and acting director of the FBI — appealed the decision of the U.S. attorney for Washington all the way up to Jeffrey Rosen, the deputy attorney general, but he rejected that request, according to a person familiar with the situation.

    The potential charges relate to DOJ inspector general findings against him regarding misleading statements concerning a Hillary Clinton-related investigation.

  • NYC Public Schools to Excuse Students Who Participate in ‘Climate Strike’

    New York’s public school officials announced Thursday afternoon that they will excuse students who plan on attending various “climate strikes” throughout the city.

    “@NYCschools will excuse absences of students participating in the #ClimateStrike on Friday 9/20,” the New York City Public Schools’ Twitter account notes. “Students will need parental consent. Younger students can only leave school with a parent.”

    “We applaud our students when they raise their voices in a safe and respectful manner on issues that matter to them,” the schools’ Twitter account adds. “Young people around the world are joining the #ClimateStrike this week—showing that student action will lead us forward.”

    The account retweeted New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who posted a tweet Thursday morning announcing the decision.… Read More...

  • Black Americans Are Doing Great Under Trump

    The August jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed more great news for all Americans. And particularly for black Americans.

    The nation’s unemployment rate of 3.7% puts it near the lowest ever in the last half-century.

    Black unemployment is at an all-time low at 5.5%.

    Also at an all-time low is the gap between black and white unemployment. With white unemployment at 3.4%, the gap is 2.1 percentage points. Put in other terms, black unemployment stood 62% higher than white unemployment.

    A few years ago, the Pew Research Center looked at BLS unemployment data back to 1954, the first year the data was broken down by race.… Read More...

  • Jeffrey Epstein Took Girls Aged 11 to ‘Pedo Island’ in 2018

    Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein took girls as young as 11 to his infamous ‘pedo island‘ just one year before he was indicted on child sex trafficking charges, newly revealed government documents show.

    According to an air traffic controller, Epstein was seen at the St. Thomas airport in the latter half of 2018 getting “off the plane with young girls,” including at least once with a girl who appeared to be between 16 and 18 years old.

    The air traffic controller told U.S. Marshals Service investigators about Epstein traveling with underage girls on July 10, 2019, a week after Epstein was arrested on child sex trafficking charges.

  • Odd Allies Are Coming Together to Defend Free Speech

    It’s amazing to see who comes to the defense of freedom when you least expect it.

    In July, 12 leading philosophy scholars from around the world signed on to a statement supporting freedom of thought and speech in academia, specifically as those freedoms are being undercut by gender identity ideology.

    These scholars warned of a dangerous movement within academia to sanction and silence people who express support for a biologically based understanding of gender and sexuality. All 12 philosophers denounced this trend and called for a restoration of academic freedom.

    That the statement exists is remarkable in itself, given the backlash academics are prone to face when they so much as question the current orthodoxy of gender identity ideology.… Read More...

  • Infanticide Hearing Witness Says Hospital Created ‘Comfort Room’ Where Aborted Babies Die

    Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois, allegedly has a ‘comfort room’ for aborted babies who are born alive to die in, according to nurse Jill Stanek.

    Stanek spoke about her experiences Wednesday at a hearing on the Born Alive Act in Washington, D.C.

    The nurse explainied that while she was working at the hospital, she observed that doctors performed “live birth abortions,” a procedure in which the doctors perform an abortion and allow the baby to die during or after the abortion.

    Stanek explained that Christ Hospital offered “comfort care” to babies who were born alive during these abortions, because these babies often survived for at least two hours after they were born.… Read More...

  • Lindsey Graham: My Goal is to Declassify FISA Warrant Applications

    “My goal is to explain to you and the American public how the system failed and make sure it never happens again,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham on ‘Hannity’ show on Wednesday night.

    “We’re going to pursue this in a transparent fashion,” Graham said. “We’re going to declassify as much as we can, including the FISA warrant applications.”

    Graham said he will seek to release to the public as much information possible about former British spy Christopher Steele.

    “I’m going to give you all the information that was in the system about how suspicious people were of Christopher Steele, how biased he was, [and] let you read it for yourself.

  • Reorganizing Executive Office for Immigration Review Is No ‘Power Grab.’

    It seems that any change to the status quo in the immigration policy arena is going to upset someone these days, even if the changes are innocuous good governance and efficiency-driven initiatives.

    Take the Trump administration’s interim rule to amend the regulations related to the internal organization of the Executive Office for Immigration Review, announced Aug. 23.

    It proposed minor clarifications and changes to the rules related to the Office of Policy, the Office of the General Counsel, and the Office of Legal Access Programs. It also updated the organizational chart and provided more delegation of authority from the attorney general to the director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review in order to efficiently dispose of cases.… Read More...

  • Gaetz: Dems Impeachment Push are ‘Perverting The Founding Fathers…Safeguards’

    Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, slammed House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler’s  passage of the “Resolution for Investigative Proceedings.”  The resolution, which changes the rules of the Judiciary Committee, is the first step in the Democrats push for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

    The resolution covers “an investigation to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment with respect to President Donald J. Trump.”

    Gaetz’s fought back Thursday. He compared the Democrats’ efforts to “impeachment in drag,” and “low-T impeachment.”

    “House Democrats are perverting the Founding Fathers’ legitimate safeguards against the Executive Branch for political gain,” he said. “They have abandoned their responsibilities conferred upon them as Judiciary members and have subjected the American people to a protracted political battle, instead of focusing on issues that matter to the nation.

  • Republican Lawmakers Laud DOJ’s Decision To Reject McCabe Appeal

    Senior Republican lawmakers weighed in heavily after news broke Thursday that the Department of Justice has rejected former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s appeal to avoid facing prosecution based on recommendations made by the DOJ Inspector General’s report last year.

    Many of the Republican lawmakers played a central role in the investigation into the FBI’s probe into the now debunked narrative that President Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia in the 2016 presidential election. McCabe is now a paid contributor at CNN and it is uncertain if he will continue in that role.

    Ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes, R-C.A., told SaraACarter.com McCabe may be the first of many to fall.

  • Americans Deserve Better Schools

    With most services, you get to shop around, but rarely can you do that with government-run schools.

    Philadelphia mom Elaine Wells was upset to learn that there were fights every day in the school her son attended. So she walked him over to another school.

    “We went to go enroll and we were told, ‘He can’t go here!’ That was my wake up call,” Wells tell me in my latest video.

    She entered her sons in a charter school lottery, hoping to get them into a charter school.

    “You’re on pins and needles, hoping and praying,” she said. But politicians stack the odds against kids who want to escape government-run schools.… Read More...

  • Hasbro Debuts ‘Ms. Monopoly’ ‘Where Women Make More Than Men’

    Women’s equality is the name of the game for Hasbro’s newest rollout of ‘Ms. Monopoly’ and the American company hopes it will promote “female trailblazers,” while squashing the wage inequality.

    Before launching the game, Hasbro surprised young female entrepreneurs with $20,580 in “REAL money to fuel their inventive spirit and further their projects,” according to a company press release. The game also grants the same amount of money to players at the start of each game to ensure that “women make more than men.”

  • Eighth Illegal Immigrant Accused of Rape in Maryland Was Set Free by Sanctuary Policy

    The eighth illegal immigrant charged with rape in Montgomery, Maryland in less than 8 weeks was set free a year ago due to the county’s sanctuary policy.

    Oluwakayode Adewole Adebusuyi, a 26-year-old illegal immigrant, was arrested last week by the Montgomery County Police Department after he raped a woman in his car, according to police.

    Breitbart.com reports: Investigators said Adebusuyi was at a bar with a mutual friend of the victim’s when he offered her his car to sleep in because she was not feeling well. The woman accepted the offer, feel asleep in Adebusuyi’s car, but when she woke up, the woman told police the illegal alien began raping her.

  • 2 Ohio Planned Parenthood Clinics Shut Down After Withdrawal From Title X

    Two Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio have shut down following the organization’s withdrawal from the federal family funding program Title X.

    The Cincinnati, Ohio, clinics will be closing after Planned Parenthood formally withdrew from Title X in August, thereby forgoing about $60 million a year.

    A Planned Parenthood spokesman told ABC News that the Cincinnati clinics that are closing are in Springdale and Western Hills. The last day for services to be offered at the clinics will be Sept. 20, according to ABC. Neither location performs abortions, the publication reports and the closures will leave Cincinnati with five operating clinics.… Read More...

  • Andy Biggs, New Chairman of House Freedom Caucus, Vows to Fight for Conservatives

    Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., new chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, says he has some big plans for what he’ll accomplish in the role.

    “We must fight against increased government spending and for a balanced budget. We must fight for border security and the elimination of all loopholes that incentivize illegal entry into this nation,” Biggs said in a statement released Tuesday by his office.

    Biggs, elected earlier Tuesday by his colleagues in the conservavtive caucus, said he is committed to working with President Donald Trump to advance its priorities.

    “We must work to lower health care costs and improve access and quality for all Americans,” he added.… Read More...